Kirstie Allsopp.

The studio sessions for my forthcoming album continue this weekend with two full days of recording.

My head is so full of great new music, I have only just discovered the Brooklyn based band The National, I appear to be very late arriving at this particular musical station, they’ve blown my head apart, their music has everything I love – melancholy (bucket loads of the ruddy stuff), melody, heart and oddness.  Their song ‘Fireproof’ is so beautiful both musically and lyrically.

I‘m really looking forward to getting back in the studio, I just know we’re in the middle of creating something beautiful, I feel I’m getting somewhere close to what I want to create…it’s taken a long time….It’s a process I suppose, a life long process and every so often you stop that process and let people listen to your latest bag of notes.

As I sit and do my best to write this blog with our ten-week-old Nancy in my arms watching my wife decoupage yet another piece of perfectly good furniture (That Kirstie Allsopp has much to answer for!)…I’m excited for tomorrow; I’ll be recording vocals on three new songs; The Weight of Expectation, Lisbon Harbor and The Unassuming start.  I’m really proud of these new songs, the challenge now is to make them special in recorded form.

Right, nice to chat I’m off to listen to ‘Fireproof’ again!


CT x


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